The Changing Demographics of our World

After watching this video, it really made me think about how we, as Christians, need to reach out and minister to and share the gospel with the muslim world.  My question is this, how can we best do that?  Do you have any ideas or have you heard of any successful methods?

Check out the video and then let me know your thoughts:

I would love to hear your opinion!



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5 responses to “The Changing Demographics of our World

  1. Chris McLain

    The only thing I know about trying to reach Muslims is that they are very rooted in their faith. Because of the legalism, they tend to learn it very young, and generally they end up atheist if they reject Islam. The best method I know if is relational. You can’t talk a Muslim into becoming a Christian, they have to witness it in your life. At least, that is what the stories I’ve heard seem to say. Generally it takes 3-4 years of constant loving influence to break through for international students in general, including Muslims. However, I’ve heard testimonies that the Gospel can travel like wildfire through a family sometimes if one person becomes a believer; unfortunately, what happens more often is that the person is shunned and disowned.

    An important aspect of most foreign cultures, with a few exceptions, primarily in Europe, is that most other cultures are collectivist rather than individualistic like in the US. Family is involved in decisions about spirituality to a level that we wouldn’t imagine. Changing religion is disrespectful to the family on many levels, and I would think that the person to work on first would be the head of the house, assuming you could not minister to the family as a whole. Again, it’s a long and arduous process.

    A good way to get started is to begin a dialog. If you want to minster to people from another religion, you should learn about that religion, and what better way to learn than to talk to someone who believes it. This is a great way to transition into sharing the gospel, just don’t push for a decision at all. When they get to that point, you will know. Generally they will be respectful, and if they truly believe their religion, they will share it readily. One note of caution though, the Muslims I have come across in situations like this have difficult questions about Christianity. Two major concepts that they really have a hard time comprehending are first, the Trinity (good luck explaining that if 5 min.) and Original Sin (they think that literal sin is passed from father to son, and the Bible contradicts that. You have to figure out how to explain that it’s our own sin that condemns us, but we have a sinful nature–and inclination to sin, if you will).

    That’s really all I know. I’d be happy to answer any questions. I feel like I know at least a little after all the work I’ve done with international students with the BSM.

  2. Chris McLain

    Oh, and for the record, I don’t know that I totally buy into the video. It was interesting, but I’ll have to wait and see what happens in the future. Either way, making babies isn’t the solution to saving Christianity, and culture changes anyway.

  3. zrcrook

    I have heard of the camel method, and how that can be somewhat effective.

    On another note, I am totally with you that making babies is not the solution to saving Christianity. I thought the video was thought-provoking, but also a little over-dramatic!

  4. Byron

    Freaking crazy man! I don’t really see the birthrate increasing in America though. With Global Warming legislation on the way and within it limits on the number of kids we can have that will slow us down too. Interesting video though for sure

  5. Chris McLain

    I just had another thought on this video that sort of puts the creators’ science into question. If you measure the health of a culture by birthrate, how do you judge China, whose birthrate has been too high in the past to be healthy for its people? They are now limiting the number of children a couple can have to “officially” two, but a friend of mine from China says that it’s really only one child per couple allowed.

    So if my math is correct, and assuming the Chinese government is enforcing their laws, the population of China should be at least slightly decreasing. That would suggest their culture is doomed to collapse, but the problem is that China is actually GAINING clout in the world, and some have predicted it to be the next major superpower.

    Not that any of this is particularly important or relevant to the discussion, but I thought it was interesting.

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